Touch me Glitch me
video art, installation
Evgeniya Sterlyagova, Veronika Pachina (Moscow, Russia)

Evgeniya Sterlyagova about the artwork:

“During the period of restrictions on mobility, two artists have a sensual and tactile dialogue without words, using short videos on Instagram stories. The ritual of exchanging of these short but important experiences becomes almost daily, and Instagram is a kind of new "communication pipeline".

During the pandemic in isolation, we all felt a lack of tactile sensations and experiences and an overload of information, conferences, images, sounds, advertising. Glitch destroys obsessive images, while tactile experiences often require silence and detachment.

This dialogue is similar to non-verbal communication, visual writing, filled with the illusion of conveying sensations".

About the artists

Veronika Pachina (born 1990, Moscow), photographer, artist, curator

In 2015 she graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University named with a degree in Art History, worked as a co-curator at the Ground Peschanaya Gallery (Moscow). Teaches painting and pottery for children, freelance photographer. Currently studies studying at the V. Efimov and A. Korsi design workshop at the Rodchenko School.

Works with the problems of human interaction with the surrounding context. Areas of interest: social constructionism, anthropological studies, continental philosophy and the agency of things.

Evgeniya Sterlyagova (born 1979, Moscow), artist, curator

A graduate of the Institute of Contemporary Art of I. Bakshtein, a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2012, a resident of the Attention Hub platform for contemporary photography, the chief editor of the art-punk-zine GG MAGAZINE, lectures on punk, in-game photography, net-art.

Works with the themes of deconstruction, mythology of the image, explores affective states. She actively uses photography, video, collage, installation in her practice. Her interests also include: game art, deconstruction of video games, elements of virtual and augmented reality.