Glow of (im)possible
Private garden, London, UK - 

In 2020, the isolation has influenced our lives one way or another. All of us and at the same time each one of us separately – we were all cut off from the rest of the world. Lockdown has forced many of us to change plans and postpone projects indefinitely. This situation however forced us to explore new virtual worlds. What seemed impossible not long ago is now firmly entrenched in our life - new circumstances have made it possible to revise the existing conditions of artistic production, try out new remote formats and creatively rethink the categories of virtuality and reality, ideas and their realisation, possibility and impossibility.

On the other hand, such a forced pause, when usual business was delayed and many of us were alone - was a good moment to dream and to reflect upon what cannot be achieved in reality.

In the "Glow of (im)possible" we brought together somewhat utopian art projects, each project treating a different aspect: it is impossible to reach an ideal, it is impossible to turn back time or recreate an image of a person who is gone. Something will never happen but yet some things will be possible in the future. It is now when we are being immersed in the digital world of the future but deprived of our real and familiar world such reflection is especially important.

The exhibition format built a bridge between two worlds: familiar reality and gaining momentum virtuality. The exposition was set in a real hidden garden in London and thanks to the use of various devices was streamed to the viewers through social networks.

The "Glow of (im)possible" was an attempt to reflect upon what is currently inaccessible to us. But what seems impossible is at the same time the most attractive.

Participants: Alina Brovina (Moscow), Anya Lyalina (Moscow, Vladimir, Tula), Katerina Repa (Odessa, Ukraine), Dmitryi Khramov and Maria Khramova (Samara), Elizaveta Frolova (Saratov)
Curators: Ksenia Kasko, Anastasia Senozatskaya, Kristina Syrchikova
Exhibition idea: Anastasia Senozatskaya
Translator: Dunya Barkova