Bitter bread
Mixed media
Elizaveta Frolova (Saratov, Russia)
Artist about the project

Elizaveta Frolova: “There are images and meanings that come to mind one after another, are strung on top of each other and merge into a single whole. Images from Russian history, folklore, with a characteristic feeling of melancholy and a taste of bitterness, became such reflections, ideas and projects of mine.

I think of these projects in spaces, because I am always mindful of architectural planning and design solutions. Each space is a room and merges with the next one. And this chain, forming a single apartment-house, should make up a wholesome image".

About the artist

Elizaveta Frolova (born 1992, Saratov, Russia), contemporary artist

In 2015 she graduated from the Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, as architect-designer.

Participated in the contemporary art exhibitions in Saratov, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Author of PROVINCIA, an internet project focusing on research of the historical and architectural heritage as well as aesthetics of her native city.
Her artistic research is aimed at studying, observation and immersion in the surrounding world and in oneself.