3d printed model, levitator, stone
Katerina Repa (Odessa, Ukraine)
Artist about the project

Katerina Repa: “If teleportation was possible, what would it look like? I imagine it as a domed arch. In my project Evolution, arches are presented in the form of an embryo. They grow depending on the possibilities of new technologies just like any embryo evolves – over time it changes and turns into a being. In this project, the embryo should become a fully-fledged arc of teleportation, and whether it will work or not, the future and all forms of its development will show".

About the artist

Kateryna Repa (born 1979, Odessa, Ukraine)

Graduated from the Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute (Odessa State Ecological University) with a degree in Applied Ecology.

Personal exhibitions held in Odessa: Artery gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, art space Most Center, Na Chainoy gallery. She is also a participant of the numerous group exhibitions in the Great Britain, Germany, USA, Italy. In 2020 she received an award at the Third International Leonardo da Vinci Prize.

In 2016, released a printed and e-book ‘The Adventure of Lucinda’. Nominee for the National Literary Award "Writer of the Year" in 2015. In 2019 she was awarded the medal ‘Alexander Pushkin 220 years’.

Kateryna works with painting, graphics, visual art (holograms), sculpture (3D printing) and art objects (textiles), created a brand of women’s clothing and accessories.