Anna Lyalina (Moscow, Vladimir, Tula, Russia)
Author about the project

Anna Lyalina:
“Monuments in a public space are similar to hyperlinks to a specific person, an established historical topos or period, a certain image. The inanimate past takes the place of the obsolete present.

*Such an object is inseparable from its memory preservation function. If a monument or sculpture turns out to be abandoned, then it is an oxymoron in its material embodiment. I am interested in what can be happening to this previously living, that has lost its form, its status, its function. *

The project does not aim at reminding of the forgotten, but rather endows the forgotten with the new characteristics and a new embodiment".

About the artist

Anya Lyalina (born 1991, Moscow, Vladimir, Tula, Russia)

In 2019, she graduated from the Rodchenko Art School (Project Photography workshop headed by Vladislav Efimov). Member of the art groups "K210" (self-organized center for contemporary art in an abandoned two-story building in Vladimir) and "Untitled" (together with Maxim Amelchenko), curator, lecturer.

In her works, the artist discovers a personal presence in the environment, devoid of individuality or index of a subject. The objects of her artistic practice tend to dissolve in time, they do not have a clear status and disguise themselves in space.

In the course of activities close to intervention, guerrilla and public art, Anya Lyalina explores the themes of borderline states and conventions, both external such as social or administrative norms, and internal - psycho-emotional taboos and physical boundaries.