objects: unburnt clay
Alina Brovina (Moscow, Russia)
Author about the project

Alina Brovina:
"Having entered the Rodchenko Art School in winter, I decided to shoot a photo project with my grandmother, documenting how she went down the staircase once a month, slowly and for a long time, stopping and panting at every step. For her it was a ritual: she put on a hat, put on makeup, and waited for me.

In this project, I wanted to show her strength and will to overcome these stairs, referring to the classic photographs of the 19th century studying people moving down the stairs. But my grandmother died at the very beginning of the quarantine, and now this simple project has become unrealizable.

I made casts of the inhaled and exhaled air instead".

About the artist

Alina Brovina (born 1987, Moscow, Russia), production artist for theatrical performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Perm.
She graduated from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) with a degree in scenography (course of D. Krymov).
In 2019, she had a personal exhibition in the framework of the "Start" project at Winzavod. Fellow of the State Scholarship for Creative Youth of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (2015 and 2016).

Alina works with the themes of interrelationship between biology and society, mutual influence of the living and the constructed, referring to her autobiographical experience.