Open call

Until now, we have considered the ‘Hidden Garden’ as a space filled with art, where one way or another, one could be present (physically or using technology). In fact, the ‘Hidden Garden’ does not have to exist only in the real world. Anyone can have their own idea about what it can represent. For us, this is not only an external but also an inner space, where it is pleasant and comfortable to be, where there are no strangers. It is a place only for those with whom it is enjoyable, comfortable, and peaceful, where there are thoughts about loved ones and reflections on interesting topics. Just as a secret bar can only be accessed by those who have been told how to find it and given the password, so our "garden" is concealed from the outside world.

This time we are looking for such a garden not outside but within. It should not be an external setting but rather an inner space or dimension found in your art projects. Would you dare to take us around your garden, tell us about it and how it is present in your practice and artworks? If you are ready to let our viewers and us into your hidden garden, please write us a short story about it (at least 500 characters) and attach projects that could illustrate it (at least 10 different works or a series). You can do this by filling out the form:

Submissions are free. Works are not reviewed.
Deadline for accepting applications 15 December 2021.
Results will be announced on 28 February 2022.

As promised, we announce the list of participants of the “Inner Garden” project:

  • Natalia Drachinskaya
  • Maria Mavropoulou
  • Andrey Mitenev and Marina Ragozina
  • Evgenia Nozhkina
  • Egor Khodeev
  • Olga Shershneva

Due to the current situation in the world, we consider it impossible to start a new project at the moment. The start of “Inner Garden” is postponed indefinitely.

Curators of the project: Ksenia Kasko, Anastasia Senozatskaya, Kristina Syrchikova