About the project "Hidden Garden"

The Hidden Garden is a curatorial project by Ksenia Kasko, Anastasia Senozatskaya, and Kristina Syrchikova, graduates of the Faculty of Contemporary Art of the Higher School “Sreda Obuchenia”.

The project combines offline and online exhibition formats. The offline part of the project is located in a real-life environment, which, as a rule, remains inaccessible to viewers, but could be seen during live streaming of the opening on the project's Youtube channel, where it is also possible to communicate with curators, artists, and also get acquainted with the exposition during a curator’s tour. After the opening, the exhibition continues to exist only in an online format, in the project's Instagram account.

The first exhibition of the project was “Glow of (Im)possible”. It opened in June 2020 – while we were studying at the curatorial workshop of Ekaterina Lazareva and its offline part took place in a private garden in London (UK). The exposition was dedicated to projects that are impossible or difficult to implement in reality. The preparation for the exhibition took place at the height of the pandemic and this fact had a significant impact on the choice of the topic – the quarantine forced many to change plans and postpone projects indefinitely, thereby imposing a standstill and providing an opportunity to be alone with oneself, to think about what may be unattainable in the reality.

The second exhibition – "Everyday Episodes" – opened in December 2020 in the botanical garden of Samara University (Russia). The exhibition was an attempt to reflect upon mundane and daily activities. By presenting ambiguous situations, we create an exhibition in which works of art can argue and enter into discussion with each other, in order to examine everyday life from different angles and see its hidden facets.

The Hidden Garden project continues to evolve and create exhibitions. Each exposition is located in a new natural location and interacts with it, which allows the project to move away from the institutional context of the “white cube”, replacing it with a living environment.

Ksenia Kasko
Ksenia Kasko

Curator, art project manager.

In 2020, graduated from the Higher School “Sreda Obuchenia” with a degree in Curating.

Areas of interest: contemporary art, site-specific art projects and research into the context of a place.

Anastasia Senozatskaya
Anastasia Senozatskaya

Critic, curator.

In 2018, she graduated from the Faculty of Continuous Professional Education of the Russian State University for Humanities in the field of "Art History". Graduated from “Sreda Obuchenia” in two fields: Curating and Art Criticism, studied in the workshops of Valentin Dyakonov, Ekaterina Lazareva, Yegor Safronov and Natalia Serkova.

Areas of interest: Russian contemporary art, in particular the art of nonconformists, performative practices and actionism.

Kristina Syrchikova
Kristina Syrchikova

Curator, visual artist working with photography, installation, and participatory practices. Leader of the Contemporary Art Photography School at the Victoria Art Gallery (Samara).

In 2020, she graduated from “Sreda Obuchenia” with a degree in Curating, studied in the workshops of Valentin Dyakonov, Ekaterina Lazareva, and Elena Yaichnikova.

Areas of interest: themes of everyday life, a family memory, personal narratives, and the problem of identity.