Hello Good Bye
sound installation
Konstantin Roslyakov (Tyumen, Russia)
Artist about his artwork

“The project is dedicated to the daily rituals of greeting and farewell. A person unconsciously invests much more into the usual everyday “hello” than simple observance of etiquette, many do not even think about it.

Greeting someone, we fix that person in reality, verbally let the person understand that we see him or her here and now, in space, in reality, he or she is alive and exists. With goodbye the same way - we part only for a while, we are absent next to each other, but all the same - we exist".

About the artist

Konstantin Roslyakov (born 1990, Tyumen, Russia), artist

Works with visual art and sound. Participant of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale and of the Nemoskva project.

In his art, problems of memory and recollection are raised. The artist is interested in the ‘idea’ and the receipt of information by a person, as well as in the combination of natural and technogenic. In his drawings, reality is created from layered surfaces that are read simultaneously in multiple spaces, creating different views and meanings for each individual viewer.

In his work with sound, he uses field recordings, recordings of conversations and voices of ordinary people, the noise of real everyday objects, the hum of radio waves and various devices, with the help of which he creates soundscapes that complement his visual object.