Permanence of impermanence
artist's book
Inna Grishechkina (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Inna Grishechkina:
“I created my work after I noticed that every day I perform the same actions in the same sequence. At first, I thought it was terrible – because life has become monotonous and predictable. But, after some reflection, I realized that one can treat it differently - not as a routine, but as a kind of cyclicality that we observe, for example, in nature.

I got an idea of an artist's book in the form of a to-do list that is repeated many times. To tell the truth, I had to remove from this list all matters related to childcare, because then the book would have turned to be not about everyday life, but about mother's job. So, this “story” is not about me, but about some average character that everyone can “try on”.

I used this cinematic technique when they show how a person does something from day to day, many, many times. Each page of the notebook contains a text collage composed of the same phrase, written in different fonts. After all, every day we do the same things a little differently: sometimes slowly and thoughtfully, and sometimes in a hurry and at random. I tried to show this difference by using different typefaces.

As a foundation, I chose a regular spiral notebook to hint at the resemblance to a loose-leaf calendar, which is a kind of a symbol of everyday life".

About the artist

Inna Grishechkina (born 1985, St. Petersburg), contemporary artist

Graduated from the Graphic Arts Faculty of Smolensk State University with a degree in Graphic Design, the Higher School "Sreda Obuchenia", the workshop of Arseny Zhilyaev. Participant of the summer art residence of Ivan Gorshkov "Magma of secrets". A regular participant in group exhibitions of young artists.