Oleg Semenovykh (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Oleg Semenovykh:
“All motorists have a ritual that is socially embedded – cleaning the car during (or after) heavy snowfall. On the morning of December 2019, I enacted a performance – clearing snow from eight cars in the early morning in the courtyard of my apartment building.

The mechanical nature of this kind of activity sometimes opens up an unexpected stream of thoughts and sensations. There is a moment after which the hands and head work separately, by themselves, you do something with your hands, and your thoughts are in a completely different place".

About the artist

Oleg Semenovykh (born 1970, Chelyabinsk), artist, composer, poet

Has been engaged in visual art since 2007, using generative computer programs based on fractal algorithms and creating digital art. Since 2015 he has been engaged in painting and graphics. Since 2017, co-organizer of the Moving Gallery – exhibitions in places not intended for this.

In his practice, he turns to painting, graphics, digital, sound art, objects, poetry and visual poetry, performance art, art actions, video.

Creates art projects related to the mutation of art and ecology, the study of the paradox of modern life, the study of the boundaries of the real and the unreal.