photography, collage
Irina Grigorieva (Moscow)
Artist about the artwork

Irina Grigorieva:

“A small project created this spring, when we were all taken by surprise by the quarantine and self-isolation, became a reflection on the processes taking place right now - depersonalization, collective thinking, information manipulation. Even the most introverted, melancholic outsider is involved in something, although he really does not want it. Technological progress was only one side of the coin.

Contactless delivery, unpacking, sorting, garbage packing - for me personally, they have become new everyday rituals, an attempt to put thoughts and things in order, as well as reflection on the impossibility of putting things in order.

The collage series deals with the loss of shape, decomposition and reassembly. New habits are being formed right now. Reconstructing oneself is very important. For the continuation of life, rethinking, liberation.

Collages are supplemented with photographs. Still lifes are made from handy objects".

About the artist

Irina Grigorieva (born 1980, Moscow), interdisciplinary artist

Graduated from the British Higher School of Art & Design, Photography course. Participant of group exhibitions in Russia and Europe.

Works at the intersection of art and documentary photography, as well as with other media.