Moscow turmoil
Andrey Ishonin (Moscow, Russia)
Artist about the artwork

Andrey Ishonin:

“On a working day, like millions of our fellow citizens (+ I do not know how many in the world), I got up early in the morning, put on an ironed white shirt, black pants, tied an unremarkable tie, put on black shoes, then drove to the final metro station, where I merged with the flow of people, allowing it to "carry" me until the crowd disperses".

About the artist

Andrey Ishonin (born 1993, Moscow), artist

Studied at the Department of Cinema and Contemporary Art of the Russian State University for the Humanities, a graduate of the BAZA Institute. Included in the top 100 young Russian artists according to INART (2018, 2019).

He is mainly engaged in performative practices and interdisciplinary projects.