A dude’s way towards success or ten tips on how to become successful
photography, installation, sound
Pavel Dokuchaev (Samara, Russia)
Artist about the artwork

Pavel Dokuchaev:

“A "successful person" is becoming a cult of our time. On social networks, pumped-up men in expensive suits stand next to a nice set of wheels in the courtyard of a country house and, speculating on the image of a successful person, invite me to free seminars, promising to become inevitably successful.

I decided to figure out what success is. I studied dozens of thematic sites and brought out ten tips, following which I tried to achieve success".

About the artist

Pavel Dokuchaev (born 1989 Samara), artist

Graduated from the Contemporary Art Photography School at the Victoria Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Works with photography, installation, sound. Uses photography as a meditative practice.

In the projects, he addresses the theme of subject identification and self-awareness through the study of universal human values in modern society.