Ficción natura
video art
Maria Belén Robeda (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Author about the project

Maria Belén Robeda, on her work “Ficción natural”:

“The relationship of the body with nature is constantly intertwined. We fail to identify which is part of the natural world and which of the artificial world, the geometric, pure forms corrupt that natural, organic order and the body inhabits them, but is it that nature has tired of this coexistence, of the artificiality proposed by the human?”

About the Artist

Maria Belén Robeda (b. 1991, Buenos Aires, Brazil), artist

Fine Arts teacher specialized in scenography and painting. Belén graduated from the Fine Arts College at UNLP in 2015 and obtained a master degree in living arts from the University of Seville in 2019. She worked as an art director and a costume designer for independent film projects and theatre productions.

Her work currently deals with artistic production, scenography, drawing and diverse and interdisciplinary processes. In the past years, she has been part of exhibitions, presentations, festivals and artistic residences in several places in Argentina and other countries. Some of them are: ‘Forma y Sustancia’ Performance International Festival in Costa Rica; ‘Videodance Festival’ in Brazil; ‘Tudanzas’ Festival in Barcelona in Spain; ‘Art Basel Cities’ in Buenos Aires; ‘Vitrine01’ in Germany; ‘Imaginarius Festival, ‘Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua’ in Portugal; ‘Confluencias’ Festival in Argentina; ‘Circuitos’ in Spain.